A Swindens Vice is much more than just a plain bench vice.

It may look like a vice- and it is. But it’s much, much more as well.

Its concept is revolutionary.

Its dual head is not static, instead it rotates through 360° and locks at any desired working angle.

It is also revolutionary in the way you use it. It positions whatever you are working on in the easiest way for you to access it; saving time by simply rotating the head to access the work from a different angle, without removing the item.

The result is SAFER, More ACCURATE and FASTER work.

This is why engineers in the Military, and in World Class Industry- and anyone else who demands a perfect finish from their efforts- all swear by it.

“….the fact is that it (The Swindens Revolving Head Vice) is more useful than any vice has a right to be and should be on every workshop bench”.
Andrew Pearce. Farmers Weekly. ”

Watch one of our demonstration videos